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Welcome to The Guitar Workshop, online guitar lessons!

Hi everyone and welcome to The Guitar Workshop, online guitar lessons! This is Bruce Lamb the Founder, Videographer and Editor here and it's hard to believe but this will be our 10 year in business and we are very excited to offer you these new On-line Acoustic Guitar Lessons. We have over 40 hours of lessons available now on-line and much more being edited every day so much more is coming real soon.

Our Instructors:

All of our world class instructors have won multiple awards for their guitar playing and teaching and half of them have won the prestigious Grammy award. All of our instructors show that it is there passion to teach and quite simply are the best instructors available at what they do. If you are either a beginning guitar player, intermediate, or advanced player seeking to improve your chops, or licks and guitar tricks, we have the Acoustic Guitar Lessons for you. We have lessons that include. Rock and Roll, Bottle Neck Slide Guitar, Finger Style Guitar, Blues Guitar, Flat Picking Guitar, Ragtime Guitar, Lap Style Guitar, and the sweet Hawaiian Ki ho 'alu Slack Key Guitar.

Our New Video Player!

Our new video player has all the lessons broken down into chapters just like our DVD lessons. With the click of the mouse you can instantly jump to what ever part of the lesson you want to review. And also because the video progressively down loads you can scroll or click on any part of the lesson to review it again. The Video Player also has a full screen feature with one click and back again.

What's comming!

In the next several weeks I will be uploading new never seen before video content for our online subscribers from guitar workshops I've attended and personnel moments from such late and great instructors, like John Jackson, Ray Kane and John Cephas and more. I have over 34 songs of John Cephas showing both hands that no one has ever seen before. I also have some never seen video clips of the great Slack key Player Ray Kane were I stayed in his home for 5 days filming him and his wife Elodia playing and singing this beautiful Slack Key music.

YouTube Videos Daily!

Over the next several weeks we will be adding new video features daily. We will have a section that will have every kind of guitar music shown on YouTube. Like Classical Guitar playing, Flamenco Guitar, Jazz Style guitar, Blue Grass Guitar, Country Guitar, Rock Guitar, Tapping Guitar, and even Banjo Picking claw hammer Style, that will be uploaded daily.

Guitar Forum Coming!

We will be brining a guitar forum from anther well know site to its new home here at the Guitar Workshop.

UP-Load Your Videos Here web 2.0!

We will also have a new feature for you to upload your own videos of your lessons and performances as a subscriber to our on line lessons. And soon we will have a revenue sharing system where you can sell your own lessons here on our site if you would like. You can also have your own page to upload your own posts and photos.

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